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Articles on the Bay Circuit Trail

The route of the entire Bay Circuit trail as of February 2020. Base map © Google, trail map © Bay Circuit Trail & Greenway. Taken from the BCT interactive map.

Did you know that the 230-mile Bay Circuit Trail, meandering between the North Shore and the South Shore of Massachusetts, runs through Ogilvie and Jericho Town Forests in Weston, as well as including part of the Rail Trail in Weston and Wayland? (We published a quick introduction to the Bay Circuit Trail a couple of years ago.)

Two recent noteworthy articles have been published about the BCT. The Chronicle Transcript reports on the important work of volunteers and local organizations to the maintenance of the Trail. In the Milford Daily News, Rich Harbert writes an overview of the BCT and much more. Harbert, his wife, and two friends hiked nearly the entire Trail from south to north in segments between 2019 and 2021. He provides engaging accounts of each of these segments with extensive photo accompaniment.

Both of these pieces provide great inspiration to get out on the trails, both here in Weston and beyond, through the varied landscapes of the Bay Circuit Trail!


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