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Interactive map · Excerpts from Walks on Weston Conservation Land

WFTA publishes a 2' x 3' folded trail map of Weston, available for $10, and Elmer Jones's book Walks on Weston Conservation Land, for $5. Both can be purchased in the Conservation Commission office at Weston Town Hall. Books and maps can also be purchased online and mailed to you. Below you can find details on how to purchase maps and books online or by check. Hard copies of the map are 24" x 36" and fold up for convenient carrying. See below to learn more about the book, including excerpts.

General info
Purchase online
Purchase by check

Purchase a map or book online


  • Delivery within Weston is free!

  • If you’d like your map and/or book mailed to you outside of Weston, there is an additional postage fee of $5 (for up to one book and one map).

  • If you want more than one book and one map mailed to you outside of Weston, please email us at to learn the cost of postage.

  • Please add up your total:

    • e.g., if you want a map ($10) and a book ($5) mailed to you outside of Weston ($5), then your total would be $20.

  • Use this link to pay for your purchases with either credit/debit card or your PayPal account:

  • Before you submit your payment, you will be given an option to “add a note.” Please use that space to tell us how many books, how many maps, and your postal address.

  • You can also use the “note” option to request a (free) WFTA car sticker, featuring our logo.

  • If you have any questions, please email us at

Purchase a map or book via check

  • For faster receipt of your map and/or book, we recommend purchasing in the Conservation Commission Office at the Weston Town Hall (check or cash accepted) or purchasing online (see above).

  • If you prefer to pay by check but cannot go to the Town Hall, it’s also possible to mail us a check for a map and book. Please include a note clearly indicating what the check is for.

  • For instructions on mailing a check to WFTA, please refer to the Pay by check information on the Join Us page.

  • Please refer to the Purchase a map or book online section above for pricing and shipping.

  • Please allow at least two weeks for delivery.

  • If you have any questions, please email us at

Interactive map

Interactive map

View an interactive map of Weston trails here.

Phone screenshot of

The Conservation Commission and the GIS department have developed a simplified version of the MapsOnline program that can be used on your smartphone to help you navigate through Weston’s conservation land. A few easy steps to get you on your way:

  1. Bookmark the interactive map on your smartphone. Open it the next time you set off onto conservation land.

  2. To determine your precise location, press “zoom” and “follow” near the bottom of the screen, and a blue circle will appear where you are situated.

  3. If you discover a problem on the trail (tree down, erosion, etc.), you can take a screenshot of your location and email that image to the Weston Conservation Commission at Be sure there is enough info shown on the screen for staff to figure out where you are — it’s helpful if a nearby street and/or intersection number is shown. Also be sure to include a description of the problem in your email (e.g.: 8" diameter tree down across trail on March 8th).

Excerpts from Walks on Weston Conservation Land

Excerpts from Walks on Weston Conservation Land

In 1999 Dr. Elmer Jones, a long-time Trustee of the Association, Professor at Northeastern University and immense fount of knowledge on plants, geology and natural and political history, wrote the book Walks on Weston Conservation Land, detailing some 18 interesting walks on Weston's open spaces. The book is an indispensable source of information — not only on our trails, but on flowers, wildlife and history in our town. No one in Weston should be without it; see above for how to purchase a copy. Some excerpts from the book are reproduced on the following pages:

Walk 5: Case Municipal Purposes Land

Walk 15: Fiske Town Forest

Walk 17: College Conservation Area

Walk 18: Ogilvie Town Forest

Elmer giving a geology lesson in the woods

The late Professor Elmer Jones was a wonderful guide and resource on the wonders of Weston's trails and open space.

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