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Trail User’s Guide to Weston Conservation Land

Published by the Trustees of the Weston Forest and Trail Association, Inc. and the Conservation Commission of the Town of Weston to encourage safe and appropriate use of the trail system in Weston

Note: A printed leaflet containing this information can be obtained at the Conservation Commission office in Town Hall.

Rules · Suggestions · Trail biking · Cross country skiing

Welcome to the trails in Weston


The Weston Conservation Commission and the Weston Forest and Trail Association encourage you to enjoy the open space maintained and made available for your use by these organizations. Brochures and maps are available at the Town Hall (Conservation Commission office). Maintenance and development of these trails, fields and outlooks is made possible by membership dues and contributions to the Weston Forest and Trail Association, as well as funds provided by the Weston Conservation Commission. Membership in the Weston Forest and Trail association is not limited to Weston residents.

View down woods trail

In order to preserve the natural character of the trails and woods in Weston, the Weston Conservation Commission and the Weston Forest and Trail Association asks that you please observe and respect the following rules:


1. The trails are intended to be used only for walking, jogging, cross-country skiing and horseback riding, and operation of motorbikes, snowmobiles, or other motorized vehicles is not allowed.


2. The following is forbidden on Weston conservation lands:

  • use of alcoholic beverages

  • disturbing the peace

  • carrying of firearms

  • use of paintball guns

  • hunting of animals and birds

  • damaging, removing or cutting of any trees, shrubs, flowers, signs, structures, or natural features

  • discarding of waste materials of any kind

  • lighting fires without written permission from the Conservation Commission and the Fire Department.


3. We also ask you to please be mindful of the following guidelines:

  • Bicyclists should mainly use the fire roads as shown on the Trail map.

  • Bicycle riding is discouraged on hillsides, or in wet weather when the ground is soft.

  • Horseback riding is discouraged when trails are wet and subject to severe damage.

  • Bicycle and horseback riding can be dangerous, and we request that riders be courteous and attentive to other trail users.


Helpful suggestions for everyone’s enjoyment

Man standing on woods trail in dappled sunlight

Here are a few suggestions to help you and everyone else using the Weston woods and trails:

  1. If you bring food, please take all waste and packaging out again with you.

  2. If you see paper, cans, bottles or other trash along the trails or in the woods, help us by picking them up and depositing them in an appropriate receptacle when you come out of the woods.

  3. If you see downed trees or branches which obstruct the trails, please drop us a note, so we can keep the trails in good shape.

  4. Do not make fires or cut trees or branches, or pick wildflowers. (see Rules above)

  5. We welcome your suggestions or comments, to make these trails more enjoyable for all.

  6. Dog waste can be a problem. Please pick up after your pets.

Trail biking

For trail bicycle riders:


Bicycle riders should conform to the rules of the NEMBA (New England Mountain Bike Association, P.O. Box 2221, Acton, MA 01720-6221). This association publishes a booklet entitled “SHARE THE TRAILS” which includes the following recommendations:


  • Ride only on existing trails, don’t make new ones.

  • Respect private property.

  • Never litter.

  • Never ride when and where you will leave ruts.

  • Carry your bike across soft spots and walk around mud puddles so you don’t widen them.

  • Carry your bike through streams.

  • Be careful not to widen trails by riding over vegetation alongside the trail.

  • Don’t skid, don’t brake slide — this can degrade hills by forming gullies that water funnels down, and can create ruts in sensitive trails.

  • Respect nordic ski tracks by staying off of snow-covered cross-country ski trails

  • Hikers have the right of way, so slow down, stop or pull to the side of the trail when encountering persons on foot.

  • Remember that it is your responsibility to insure that your use of the trails does not spoil that of other trail users, or spoil the trails themselves.

Cross country skiing

Cross country skiing on Weston trails


One of the great pleasures in Winter is cross country skiing on the 100+ miles of trails in the Weston woods. It's great exercise, and the joy and serenity of the woods in winter is beyond words. A few words of caution, however:

  • Always take a map and if possible a smartphone with GPS capability. With snow, the trails can be a bit disorienting, and markers may be obscured. Believe it or not, you could get lost.

  • And if walking or snow-shoeing, try to leave ski-tracks untouched, so those on skis can get full enjoyment from their sport.

XC ski tracks on a snowy trail
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