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Weston Forest & Trail Association

Mission Statement


The Weston Forest and Trail Association (WFTA) is dedicated to fostering the preservation and enjoyment of open space in Weston.


We strive to accomplish this mission by:


Providing stewardship for 189+ acres of WFTA-owned land, as well as 18 miles of trail easements, and 11 conservation and preservation restrictions held by the Association.


Maintaining 100+ miles of trails on public lands in Weston and assisting in the maintenance of fields and hilltop outlooks on Town conservation land.


Working alongside Weston’s Conservation Commission and elected officials, to guide the Town’s planning and prioritizing of open space parcels and easements, so that the rural character of Weston is preserved to the extent feasible.


Acquiring open space and establishing legal trail easements and other legal restrictions on public and privately owned properties to further our mission, or when appropriate, assisting the Town in accomplishing these same objectives.


Conducting Sunday trail walks from October through May in various parts of the Town followed by refreshments.


Hosting an annual meeting in May that is open to the public and features a speaker engaged in a conservation-oriented activity or issue.


Increasing public awareness regarding the benefits of open space and conservation land by

  1. distributing an annual report and newsletter to all Weston residents highlighting significant conservation issues and WFTA accomplishments;

  2. publishing a map of Weston trails (updated periodically);

  3. maintaining a WFTA website with information about monthly trail walks and other events; and

  4. making Elmer Jones’ book, entitled Walks on Weston Conservation Land, available to present and future generations curious about the history of Weston’s forests, trails, and open spaces.

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