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Emergency Rules Don’t Mean You Can’t Still Have Fun

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Note: the following is adapted from part of a COVID-19 Emergency Order for Weston’s Conservation Trails and Land email sent out by the Town of Weston on April 2, 2020. Please read the order if you haven't yet.

VISIT A NEW CONSERVATION AREA What better time to practice social distancing than to visit a lesser-known trail? We encourage you to spread out over our 90+ miles of trails. Full trail maps and other information can be found around our website as well as the trails page of the Town website. NEVER GET LOST ON A TRAIL when using the AllTrails app or Weston’s interactive Trails map on your smartphone. Be sure to press “zoom” and “follow” on Weston’s map to see your exact location. EXPLORE THE OUTDOORS WITH NATURE BINGO Mass Audubon has bingo cards you can print out. See who in your family can be the first to find all the items in a row, column, or corner to corner! BECOME A NATURE NERD! Natural areas are home to an amazing array of plants and animals. Learn to identify birds, plants, flowers and trees. But remember, WE are guests in THEIR home. Please take care not to disturb it.

Remember: It's Tick Season Use a bug spray on shoes, tuck socks into your pants, stay on trails, and check yourself when leaving the woods. A lint roller can be a great tool for lifting hard to see ticks from your clothes!


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