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WFTA Annual Meeting and Talk by Michael Pappone, Sunday, May 5, 2024, 4 PM

Updated: Apr 14

A Baltimore oriole perched in a blossoming apple tree.

Join us for our 68th Annual Meeting and a special presentation by Michael Pappone, “Weston’s Wonderful Birds!” The meeting will be held at the Scout House on School Street on Sunday, May 5, 2024 at 4 PM, after our Case Estates walk.

Weston offers over 2000 acres of open space, which is about 30% of its total area. Hundreds of species of plants and animals of all kinds call these lands home. Nearly 100 different bird species breed in Weston, and 100 more will visit on their way north. When the month of May arrives, bird migration will be in full swing, and watchful Westonians will enjoy their best chances of the year to see members of the zoological class Aves — some of the most colorful, tuneful and fascinating creatures — in all their splendor. You’ll want to hone your skills and make your plans both to welcome back the local breeders and to wish the migrants a pleasant stay in our environs.

Photo of Michael Pappone.

Michael and his family moved to Weston in 1982. Birds became a passion of his growing up in South Dakota and it has since led him around the world to dozens of countries. Still, it’s Weston that provides the daily opportunities to follow the life cycles of our feathered neighbors, from the iconic Wood Ducks, Pileated Woodpeckers, Barred Owls and Ruby-throated Hummingbirds to the shy Brown Creepers and Ovenbirds. When not seeking out the Indigo Buntings on the Rail Trail and the Black-goggled Tanagers in Brazil, Michael spends his time serving on the boards of Mass Audubon, the Volunteer Lawyers Project and as a trustee of the Concord Museum; cycling near and far; sipping a nice wine with friends — and planning next year’s birding trips.

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