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April-May 2022 Recycling & Conservation Talks

Two upcoming local talks of interest to WFTA members and others interested in our role in nature:

Everything You Wanted to Know about Recycling but were Afraid to Ask!

April 27, 7-8:30 p.m.

Book cover of Zero Waste Living.

Ever wonder whether and how you personally can make a difference in the quest to reduce waste? Join us for a free Zoom workshop featuring author and policy expert Stephanie Miller. She is the author of Zero Waste Living: The Busy Person’s Guide to a Lighter Footprint. The session will focus on the importance of “recycling right” and help participants identify what’s recyclable and what’s not. We’ll delve into the recycling waste streams by material: metals, glass, paper/cardboard, and plastics. Register here. Sponsored by First Parish Church in Weston and co-sponsored by MetroWest Climate Solutions.

Your Landscape Matters: Changing the Conservation Paradigm

May 5, 7 p.m.

Garden full of flowering native shrubs.

Extinctions of plants and animals and climate change seem like overwhelming problems but each of us can fight these crises right at home, especially by treating our home gardens as habitat to nurture the living things native to our continent. Join MetroWest Climate Solutions for a free session with Claudia Thompson, founder of Grow Native Massachusetts. She will discuss her home landscape rich with habitat — supporting wildlife, birds, and pollinators. Register here.


Ready to add native plants to your yard? Attendees who live within five miles of Wayland, Mass. will be offered a community service garden visit by Jean Milburn, Wayland’s Native Plant Ambassador from the MCA Native Pollinator Task Force.


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