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Midsummer flowers

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Here's a wonderful diversity of flowers currently blooming along our trails! All photos courtesy of Marty Carlock.


cluster of fleabane flowers on one plant


chicory plant with three flowers

Spotted wintergreen, or spotted pipsissewa, rare to see in bloom:

spotted wintergreen plants with several flowers each

Indian-pipes — actually a saprophyte, not a flower:

cluster of Indian-pipes


numerous small pinks

Yellow coneflower:

yellow coneflowers amid dense vegetation

Mullein — this one looks like it could be of the ‘Banana and Custard’ cultivar:

multiple blooming mullein stalks

Queen Anne's lace:

Queen Anne's lace in bloom in a field


cluster of dozens of tansy flowers in various stages of blooming

...and last but not least, a "bouquet" of mushrooms!

cluster of cupped white mushrooms

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