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Trail Report: Saturday, March 9, 2019

By Lynn Atkins

Stopped in Weston for a couple hours (on my way north to visit family) to see what the snow conditions were like.

Parked at the trail-head on Trailside to clear obstruction reported by a biker.    Large 2-trunk pine tree with lots of branches and maple crown.   I did the ‘George-minimum’ b/c there was still significant snow/ice hiding and locking branches.  Snow is still too deep to do the best, most efficient work.    Chatted with Peter.

Parked at the end of WIldwood to search for obstruction reported by a biker.  The picture sent looked like it was 5 feet in the air.     Did not find it.    But did find and clear a 10-inch pine snag across the trail close to Wildwood.      There were huge snow banks at the road, completely blocking one trail entrance.


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