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Trail Report: Sunday, March 3, 2019

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

By Lynn Atkins

Parked at 432 Concord Road to walk in and clear Liz’s reported obstructions.    There was a two-trunk maple crown west of Z, not big but a complete obstruction.     Chatted with David who was walking his yellow lab, Cocoa.   Walked back to the ConCom sign and cleared 12-inch pine trunk with some branches.  Pruned some beech branches.   Dropped a wobbly pine snag leaning over the trail here.   Cleared small, double-trunk pine snag near Concord Road.  Cut some small maples here to widen trail.   Lots of deer tracks.

Parked at 82 Sudbury to clear back an Ash log I had found several weeks ago - not blocking but encroaching on the trail.   Moved some branches here.

Drove into College Pond via the Orchard.   Cleared pine tree crown and trunk / maple snag / maple tree crown mess, on trail leading away from the dam (reported by a biker).    Cut lots of buckthorn in same area to make room to clear debris.    Many people walked by me - surprised me how busy it was.     One person told me about another obstruction near her house.   It turned out to be a double trunk pine with branches, smallish but fell length of the trail.  Cut buckthorn here to make room for debris and just happy commit buckthorn murder.    More cutting back needs to be done here with the brush saw.

Parked at trail junction on northern loop trail and walked in to clear smallish pine ( 8 inches) reported by Liz, and that I had found.  Cut buckthorn.

Drove into Jericho via Gun Club Lane and rail trail, then south toward the McKenzie house to clear obstruction reported by biker.  There turned out to be 4 obstructions on this stretch:  1st) 2 small ash snags covered in lots of bittersweet vine,   2nd)  6-inch ash snag with bittersweet vine,   3rd) 20-inch Ash snag across the road at 5 feet in the air, covered in poison ivy and bittersweet vine large enough to be considered small trees,   4th) 8-inch ash snag broken in to pieces.    Lots of branches in same area.   

Amazing the difference a south-facing slope makes for snow-melt.

Wildlife:  lots of coyote trails

Parked at trail-marker F and walked dogs after dark.   Encountered large pine trunk and crown in the road north of E.   Generally tossed branches and pruned a few pines.   Some trail-markers had been pushed in.

Wildlife:  strange vocalization I could not identify (bob cat or fisher... or squeal of dying animal)


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