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Trail Report: Friday, March 1, 2019

By Lynn Atkins

Drove into the MWRA property, Weston Reservoir, via Ash Street to clear the pine tree I encountered while walking the dogs.     The MWRA crew had already cleared it, so I drove out via Newton Street.   Put bike grease into the lock at the gate.

Parked at Woodland School and cut up the Ash snag, tossing all debris downhill.    Walked all trails in Case ahead of the scheduled WFTA walk.   Flicked sticks and branches.    Land’s Sake recently drove in to retrieve firewood and in the process cleared a pine top.

Parked off Davenport to walk in a clear the 8 to 10 inch pine snag.   Also cleared the end of a large fallen pine encroaching on the trail (ant damage).

Drove into Jericho via Gun Club Lane and drove to Michele’s reported downed tree north of the rail-trail.  Cleared 15-inch maple, appeared to have been a little top heavy and just broke in the high wind.   Also some rotted pieces from another stem.  Tossed sticks in this area.   Drove northward toward trail-marker 8 and encountered (and cleared):  two maple tops, end of large broken pine with lots of branches.  While driving I ignored branches in the road b/c I had in mind to clear reported obstructions.     Barred owl at trail-marker 5 - it posed for some pictures.      Parked at trail-marker 4 and walked north to clear a biker’s reported obstruction:  10-inch pine trunk with a few branches.

Stopped at trail-marker E to clear an 8-inch maple snag.

Entered Burchard Park to clear more trees reported by a biker.   Encountered Marion and John and chatted for a few minutes.  Walked in to large (20 inch) pine and just cleared enough to get through, however, there is an oak limb hanging that should be dropped and when I go back I will widen the space a bit.    Also cut a few branches and a bent over oak tree.   Tossed all debris off the trail, downhill.

Walked dogs around College Pond trails - flicked branches/sticks and hauled larger limbs into the woods.   Discovered small pine on a northern loop trail.   Discovered an oak crown nearer to Campion Center land and was able to clear it with my hand saw.

Wildlife:  group of coyotes singing, Barred owl vocalized


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