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Trail Report: Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

By Lynn Atkins

Parked on the triangle between Ridgeway and Bullard Road. Noticed trail-marker had been pushed in at the street trailhead toward Orchard Ave, so walked up to pull it out - however, unless the nails are becoming engulfed by the tree, in the future I’m going to mostly ignore them when they have been pushed in. Just seems like a game a teenager is probably playing.

Walked in with the saw and my vest (extra gas, wedges, hammer/axe, and extra chain) to begin work on large fallen pine tree reported by Maggie. There were two large pine trunks one of which fell the length of the trail and the broken top had penetrated the ground. There were lots of branches from the surrounding trees and several small trees bent into the trail. Cleared everything well off the old road bed and tried to get most debris off the slope so as to not exacerbate any drainage problems. More could be done but the trunks make nice benches. Took down two high trail-markers. Raked trail hard of debris b/c there was so much small stuff and also to make sure no stubs sticking out.

Chatted with Maggie a bit. Pruned some trees up. Cleared away some small vegetation from the pond edge which really should be done every year to preserve the viewscape. Will go back and do a little more periodically. Took a small break to read emails and warm up.

Walked the trails from Linwood cemetery with the dogs after dark. Walked all trails except spur to Chestnut and Chandler Circle. LOTS and LOTS of branches. Found one 8 inch pine snag near Davenport. Found a 13 inch ash snag near parking lot at Woodland School. Trail markers have been pushed in.

Wildlife: coyote trails, deer tracks

Very cold and breezy - nice clear sky


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