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The Weston Forest and Trail Association’s Annual Meeting will again be held online, on Sunday, May 2nd from 4 to 5 PM. We will cover some of the accomplishments of 2020, goals for 2021, the financial status of the organization, new trustee nominations, and appointment of officers.

If you want to attend the meeting, please complete this brief contact form and we will email you the access information for the call. Thanks, and we look forward to talking with you at the meeting!

Important COVID-19 Update


Please read through and follow the below emergency order from the Town of Weston.

Update from the Town on the leash order, August 12, 2020:

Dogs under voice control may be walked off leash on all Weston Conservation Land from dawn until 10:00 a.m., Sunday through Saturday. Face coverings/masks are required if physical distancing of six feet cannot be maintained.

Dogs must be leashed from 10:00 a.m. until sunset on all Weston Conservation Land.
If the state reverses course in its reopening plan (goes back to phase 2), this order will revert back to dogs being leashed at all times.

As a reminder, all dogs must be kept on a short leash on the Mass Central Rail Trail at all times.

The remainder of the below emergency order remains in effect.

COVID-19 Emergency Order for Weston’s Conservation Trails and Land

Getting outside for exercise and fresh air does wonders for the body and soul during this stressful and anxious time but as the COVID-19 health emergency develops, the Town of Weston must continue its commitment to preserving public health and safety. With that, the following Emergency Order has been issued for Weston's Conservation Land and Trails.

We are all a part of this community and we are asking for everyone’s help and cooperation so we can keep our treasured trails open and safe for everyone.


It’s the same rule for everywhere and applies to the great outdoors, too.


Stay at least 6-feet away from other trail users and please do not cluster in groups that may prevent others from getting around you outside a safe 6-foot distance.


Please visit another Conservation area if the parking lot is full. Do not park in front of Conservation Land gates or along the road. This will be monitored.


No parking signs have been placed along roadways and portions of some parking lots have been cordoned off to limit the total number of visitors. This is for everyone’s safety.


This applies everywhere in Weston. Please pick up and properly dispose of your dog’s waste and anything else you bring with you. If there is no trash barrel at the trailhead or if the barrel is full, please take it home. 

We are all part of this community and we are asking for everyone’s help! If you see a walker violating these rules, please kindly remind them.

However, emergency rules don't mean you can't still have fun! The Town also provides these tips for enjoying Weston's outdoors even under the current restrictions.

Note: Cat Rock/80 Acres is now open to non-Weston residents again. Thank you for your patience and understanding during the closure.

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Highland Forest, October 2019

Photo by Michele Grzenda

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