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Trail Report: Tuesday, March 12, 2019

By Lynn Atkins

Drove to the gate on Sudbury Road to try to park but snow bank too high.   While driving I spotted the large pine reported by a biker not far from the trail head.   Could not park at this trail head b/c of snow bank.  Parked at #77 Sudbury (she had previously given me permission) and walked in to find the other reported obstructions.   Moved Ash limbs near #77 Sudbury - there are lots of dead Ash here so will be a time-consuming stretch until they have all fallen down.  Does not appear to be much trail use in Ogilvie when there is snow - could see snow-shoe, cross-country ski tracks and just one set of boot tracks.  Moved a few branches.  Cleared a small maple snag.  Walked to the large 3-trunk pine tree just off Sudbury Road.   Cleared 2 small pine snags first.   Worked on the large pine.  Pushed a few rounds up under remaining trunk to support tree while I cut it - it is much easier to cut off rounds when they are hanging in the air.   All three trunks were 18 to 20 inches.  The tree did knock loose the root-wad of another pine tree that will eventually fall on the fence and driveway of #133 Sudbury - not sure if it will hit the house.    Con Com may want to proactively remove this tree.

Snow pack is slushy with underlying ice - 3 to 4 inches of snow.  Probably still too much to be aggressive about field work, unless complete obstruction is reported.    Snow is sticking to the logs, making them heavier and tough to push around.

Walked Sudbury Road back to my truck - very dangerous to walk this road, people are driving too fast and there are few places to step off the road.

Parked near Laxfield to walk into Sunday Woods and clear a pine snag (6 inches) I could see from the road as I drove by. Trail marker at the road had been pushed in - I think this will be the 4th time I push it back out.

Thought about driving into Fiske via the gate off Concord south of the Potato field but chickened out b/c of how deep and slippery the snow was.  Entered Jericho via Gun Club Lane - slippery but flat and was able to drive to the first junction.  Walked north of TM E to clear the large pine tree I had discovered while walking the dogs.   Pine had failed at the split with the high winds.   There were two large oak branches in the mess.   There is still stuff stuck in the ice that will reveal when it melts.   Passable now but needs more work.   

Replaced trail-marker E.

Walked dogs after dark.  Barred owls vocalized to each other (LOTS), especially at dusk. Found a small maple snag stuck in the ice east of TM A - was able to move some of it. Found another huge pine slash mess blocking the trail near trail-marker T.  Cut away a few branches and bent maple with hand saw. Found pieces of maple snag in the trail just north of TM E - moved some of it but not able to kick loose the logs.


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