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Trail Report: Thursday, March 14, 2019

By Lynn Atkins

Parked at Wildflower Lane to walk in and clear trees reported by Ann and Meg in Highland Street Forest.    Chatted with Jen Potter. Cut end of an oak snag.   Cut up fallen maple crown south of TM 3 - one of the few trees I’ve encountered that blew down east to west.  Cut down several Euonymous trees here.  (in case you were wondering, Euonymous is an invasive burning bush and has no business existing in American forests!!) Pruned pine. Cut up large fallen dead Ash limb/trunk with multiple branches north of TM 3. Note: the end of a large broken pine is encroaching on the road bed east of TM 4 but passable so will deal with it when the road dries up.  Cut bending pines generally.   Cut up an oak snag between TM 8 and TM O.   Cut up medium cherry snag on trail near #6 Wildflower Lane.  Cut small pine tree.

Wildlife: snow fleas!

Drove into Sunday Woods via Gun Club Lane.  Pulled out two nails in tree above TM A.   

Cut up the small maple snag I had found previously.  Walked in toward TM T and cleared the pine tree trunk and top mess (trunk was about 15 inches - the crown had broken off and fallen back into the trail).  Small bent maple and many many branches brought down from surrounding pines.   There were also two small pine snags.  Trail marker had the paint stripped off.   Raked through the snow with my hand saw for branches but I imagine a few will expose as the snow melts.    Generally pulled branches out of the snow while walking.

Walked dogs on trails after dark.  Pulled a few branches out of the snow.  Split pine is hanging about 30 feet high on trial next to College Pond - keep an eye on.  

Wildlife:  deer tracks everywhere, deer crossed the road into the orchard, carcass in the fire road north of TM E looks like a boiled dissected cat (not preyed upon, both legs completely intact, no fur) - two dogs got a good long roll in it before i saw it - YUCK!

Beautiful evening - warm wind


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